COMIC is a smart digital solution for the posting
and employment of workers in Europe.
One and the same solution for several countries
Regardless of where the service provider is located across the world, compliance requirements with EU and national law provisions regulating transnational provision of services must be prepared before the posted worker concerned will cross the border of a host Member State and monitored during the assignment period.

National laws transposing the Directive 96/71/EC, and its enforcing Directive 2014/67/EU, lay down
administrative requirements for employers posting workers (notification of posting, appointment of a liaison person, retention of mandatory documents),
terms and conditions of employment which must be granted to posted workers (i.e., minimum remuneration compliance, equal pay and other terms and conditions, statutory and relevant applicable collective agreement provisions).
Our digital solutions:
Immigration Service Tool (IST)
The Immigration Service Tool (IST) offers accurate monitoring of all documents and requirements imposed by the regulation of the respective country via automated status reports and reminders. All services relating to posted workers are provided by legal experts chosen for the respective country based on their experience in corporate migration and posting of workers matters. These legal experts are managing the software in the respective jurisdiction.

Ideal for large numbers of employees and if several home country employer post their employees.
Automated minimum remuneration compliance check and determination
Structured gathering and record keeping of remuneration related documents
Automated check in case of the change of minimum remuneration requirements
Monitoring of the duration of the posting considering the replacement condition
Automated reminders as regards missing mandatory documents
Automated compliance reports
Smart collection of working time records by using the app ComicGo
Connecting posted workers with compliance, HR teams and payroll teams
Flexible access by HR and posted workers
Our legal country experts add:
Management of the COMIC software in the respective jurisdiction
“Pre-arrival” compliance assistance (identification of the posting scenario and of eventual applicable exemptions, identification of the relevant applicable collective agreement in the host MS, determination of the applicable terms and conditions of employment, drafting of the letter of assignment, notification of the posting to the competent authority, and implicitly designation of the liaison person, application for an A1 certificate)
Assistance during audits
Legal advice in the area of labour and employment law, social security coordination and immigration
Immigration litigation
Ideal for large numbers of employees and if several home country employers post their employees.

The legal experts cooperating with COMIC can assume the function as designated person to liaise with competent authorities in the sense of Directive 2014/67/EU.

Remote, Home and Tele - Workers

The digital solution also allows to track in real time the working hours of your posted, home, remote and tele – workers. Wherever they are, they directly report to you.
Track Management Tool (TMT)
Management of deadlines in corporate migration - The Track Management Tool (TMT) reminds your stakeholders automatically and from anywhere about upcoming expiries of permits. Missing deadlines is history.
Automatic monitoring of expiry dates
Expiry management for work permits, visa and residence permits
Efficient control in a single tool on demand
Accessible from everywhere
Immigration Onboarding House (OH)
Professional support in all migration processes - Through the Onboarding House our legal experts handle the entire range of permits based on a structured and digitalized process. This leads to an immediate access to the current status of delivered and missing documents.
Processing of immigration permits at a flat rate
Digitally supported process flow through the Onboarding House
No documents sent by email
The legal experts examine the documents
The legal experts interact with the immigration authorities
Personal accompaniment
Construction Site Management (CSM)
Our digital solutions are mobile. At construction sites of all sizes, we roll out our industrial package and mobile stations to keep compliance in the form of a live report.
Real time reporting from construction sites
Real time compliance overview
Go and grow with COMIC
Our team of experts is continuously growing. At the moment COMIC is available in the following countries.
AUSTRIA - Posting workers to Austria
BELGIUM - Posting workers to Belgium
BULGARIA - Posting workers to Bulgaria
CROATIA - Posting workers to Croatia
CZECH REPUBLIC - Posting workers to Czech Republic
FRANCE - Posting workers to France
GERMANY - Posting workers to Germany
ITALY - Posting workers to Italy
LITHUNIA - Posting workers to Lithunia
NETHERLANDS - Posting workers to Netherlands
POLAND - Posting workers to Poland
PORTUGAL - Posting workers to Portugal
SPAIN - Posting workers to Spain
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