of employees!
COMIC provides a smart digital solution for compliance in the
area of posting and employment of workers in Europe.
Luck favors a prepared mind!
What is COMIC?
Founded in 2015, COMIC stands for COrporate MIgration Center and provides digital solutions for companies in the area of workforce mobility. Our tools are hosted in secured data centers and are 100% GDPR compliant.

The entire COMIC ecosystem consists of different tools and services which are described below.

COMIC is developed by the legal experts at Oberhammer Rechtsanwälte GmbH, who advise international companies and private clients in the areas of immigration law, labor and employment law, immigration compliance, immigration litigation, minimum remuneration requirements and social security coordination.

In short – together with our legal experts we offer our clients efficient and structured solutions with the support of tailor made digital tools.
Tools & Services
Our COMIC ecosystem offers digital solutions that cover the following areas
of corporate migration and automates complex processes in an efficient way.
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Go and grow with COMIC
Our team of experts is continuously growing. At the moment COMIC is available in the following countries.
AUSTRIA - Posting workers to Austria
BELGIUM - Posting workers to Belgium
BULGARIA - Posting workers to Bulgaria
CROATIA - Posting workers to Croatia
CZECH REPUBLIC - Posting workers to Czech Republic
FRANCE - Posting workers to France
GERMANY - Posting workers to Germany
ITALY - Posting workers to Italy
LITHUANIA - Posting workers to Lithuania
NETHERLANDS - Posting workers to Netherlands
POLAND - Posting workers to Poland
PORTUGAL - Posting workers to Portugal
SPAIN - Posting workers to Spain